Hip hop and instrumental urban music by producers Hannes Lidén & Bessem Bedziri.

The duo Broke ‘n Tipsy just relocated to Swedish capital Stockholm from northern Sweden. The duo consists of Hassan Lidén and Bessem, and their productions have been included on releases by Cleo & Kristin Amparo, Näääk, Supersci and Koltrast.

Prior to this release, Hannes Lidén made remixes for Frej Larsson’s Chechen project and the Swedish pop duo Materikaa. Bessem Bedziri has worked with Style of Eye, and is a part of northern Sweden’s hip hop ambassadors Supersci.

In the Flyphonic/Broke ‘n Tipsy studio, the group has arrived at their analog and characteristic sound, with obvious inspiration from the instrumental hip hop scene in L.A and the melancholic atmosphere of trip hop.

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